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Festival Theatre • From 28 December 2017

Authorised Ticket Sellers

Authorised Ticket Sellers

The authorised ticket seller for The Rocky Horror Show at Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre is BASS.
If you attend a performance of The Rocky Horror Show at Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre with a ticket purchased via an unauthorised re-seller such as Viagogo, Ticketbis, eBay, Gumtree, Tickets Australia, Queen of Tickets, or similar, you may be refused entry to the Event.
We also work in partnership with Showbiz, Lasttix, Smarttix, What’s On Live, Groupon, Helloworld, Virgin Holidays and Tixstar. Please be advised, the venue/producer has NO obligation to honour tickets purchased via unauthorised re-sellers. We encourage all ticket purchases to be completed through the authorised sellers only.

Show Information

Performance Times

  • Tues 7:30pm
  • Wed 7:30pm
  • Thurs 7:30pm
  • Fri 7:30pm
  • Sat 2pm & 7.30pm
  • Sun 1.30pm & 5.30pm^

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Theatre Address

King William Road Adelaide SA 5000

Show times are subject to change.
^Excluding Sunday 31 December, New Year’s Eve performance will be held at the special time of 9.30pm

Running time 2 hours including interval
Suitable for ages 12+